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The heart of Resurrecting Marriage is to help wives who are struggling in marriage. I want to help you repair and heal your broken heart, learn how to rekindle a broken relationship, and restore intimacy with Christian marriage help.

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7 Steps to Forgive After a Betrayal in Marriage

Oh, sweet one with the broken heart. I’ve been there and I have felt the sting of hurt like daggers into my heart as I faced a betrayal in my marriage that I never saw coming. My husband broke my heart and I can promise you that it shattered into a gazillion pieces,...

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When Your Spouse Doesn’t Complete You

When two halves don't make a whole... I have heard it time and time again. Couples come into my office for a premarital appointment and I ask them to tell me their love story. Somewhere in there and in so many words, they tell me how they found their other half and...

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Conversation Starters for Married Couples

  Marriage is hard. It just is. Sometimes life gets so busy and we lose track of the last time we actually sat down and had a focused conversation where we learn new things about each other as an individual. Conversation starters for couples are a...

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6 Couple’s Routines to Build a Strong Marriage

Why create couples routines in your marriage? I know what you might be thinking, creating couples routines don’t sound quite so exciting. You might be right, but it’s an important part of your relationship to create a good, healthy, and strong marriage. We tend to...

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This Time-Out Strategy for Couples Really Works!

Learning how to take this time-out for couples is a necessary skill to talk about BEFORE the conflict happens. When my emotions escalate during a conflict between my husband and I (GASP!)… Yes, I admit it. There is an occasional disagreement in my household. There is...

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Solving Common Problems with Blended Families

Blended families are tough.I have had the pleasure of working with various couples over the last several years, and many of them were starting over in a blended family. Their kids were a combination of theirs, mine, and ours. As I listened intently to the couple...

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25 Marriage Tips from 25 Years of Marriage

25 Marriage Tips for Christian Couples Last year, my husband and I celebrated 25 years of marriage together. We went all out for it too. By that I mean we went to Olive Garden for dinner. No, I'm kidding. I couldn't resist. Back to my point. We got married at 19 and...

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