About Resurrecting Marriage

Resurrecting Marriage exists because I have a passion to see marriages thrive!

There is a lot of things that I believe God has put on my heart for this blog. I want it to be a resource for couples, first and foremost. Our journey is a resource for you. I believe that our experiences are meant to be shared so that we may be an encouragement to others, so that is my desire.

With a background in marriage counseling, I have a desire to help couples push through the so-so to thrive. I actually started my blogging journey on another blog called Sincerely Christi. It was there that I began writing about marriage and wrote my first book, Your Marriage Retreat: 7 Date Nights to a Thriving Marriage. I am actually in the process of turning that book into a course with video components, that I will put up for sale in the near future but that’s beside the point.

As I began writing more about marriage, it was just a natural progression to migrate from Sincerely Christi and create Resurrecting Marriage to be solely about marriage-related topics. My desire for Sincerely Christi will remain focused on faith-based journey, encouragement, and coping with loss. If you are interested, you can read my testimony of faith during the loss of our firstborn son.

I hope you enjoy my marriage blog and will sign up to get the first 2 chapters of my book for free. I also hope you find something here that inspires you to go after the marriage that God has for you and your spouse, one you could have never imagined possible.

About Christi

If you are wondering about the face behind Resurrecting Marriage, it’s me! I am Christi and I’m so glad you are here! 🙂 There are a few things I want you to know about me. I’m a Christian. I’m a wife to the love of my life for almost 25 years, and a mom of 3 on planet Earth and 1 in Heaven. I love reading, decorating our home, watching movies, playing cards and board games, traveling, and of course, hanging out with my family and friends.

I’m typically more introverted and need my quiet time, although I do LOOOVE talking to others too. If you know me (or if you’ve ever read anything that I have written), you may get the idea that this is solid truth!! I tend to think. A lot. I mean … A LOT. My husband says I think too much. Ha! Well, that’s me. You might as well embrace it. I’ve been this way for a long, long time. 🙂

I have a Masters degree in Family Therapy and a passion to help couples thrive in their relationships. For the first twelve years of our marriage, I was a stay-at-home mom and then I felt God’s call to go to college and become a marriage and family therapist. During my college years and after, I had a private practice therapy business at a counseling center that was attached to my church. I love counseling and the mental health field but I also saw a lot of challenges with people being unable to afford the services that they desperately needed. Another thing I came to realize is that there is such a stigma related to going to counseling and therefore, people waited until one or both of them were ready to quit the marriage. That is a big challenge to get past.

As God began stirring my heart over the last few years, I knew that it was time to make the decision to leap outside of my box… and I do mean WAAAY outside of my box. I kind of like the quietness of my box. Haha! I have often felt God’s tug to write my story down in the hopes that I may be able to help someone else going through challenging times, but I haven’t felt like my journey was complete enough. Well, I still don’t feel it’s complete. In reality, it won’t be complete until I’m dead. So I realize that I have just made a bunch of excuses and not been obedient. That’s truth. That prompted me to begin Sincerely Christi and step out of the counseling office to begin coaching clients to grab hold of the life and relationships. I closed up my private practice and have moved online now.

I genuinely hope I am able to gives you the encouragement you need and challenge you to grow in your walk with God and in your marriage. Life hasn’t always been cupcakes and unicorns for me, nor has my marriage. But I can say that as I look back over my lifetime and my marriage, that I can see where God has been faithful in keeping His promises, even in the moments that it didn’t appear he was. I have faith that this is no different for you. I know that God is no respector of persons and what He has done for me, He is faithful to do it for you too.

Hi! Thank you for stopping by.

I'm Christi and this is the love of my life for the last 25 years, Joe. I wish I could say that we haven't had to endure some of life's bumps along the way, but the reality is that we have and we lived to tell the tale. 🙂 The goal for Resurrecting Marriage is to give you the resources to thrive in your marriage.

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