If you are in a relationship and your spouse does not want to work, I would be happy to help you sift through your options and desires so that you can make the steps necessary for your best possible outcome. Remember that over time, changes in one cause changes in others too. Marriage is a risk, any way you look at it. Sometimes the changes that are made, even positive changes can cause unexpected responses, good and bad.

Imagine a windchime hanging in a tree. It only takes the slightest breeze to cause the windchime to start singing. The point is that even small changes can disrupt the routine.

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Are you a Do-It-Yourself-er?? Get my book!

This is not just an ordinary date book. For only $15, this Ebook has over 90 pages and will give you and your spouse everything you need to start a new chapter so you can be on your way to that thriving marriage you are dreaming of. It’s packed full of teaching, interactive couple’s activities, and life application homework challenges. Each of the 7 “date nights” is tailored to be very inexpensive to carry out (if not free), and can be done on a weekly or monthly schedule. There is even an option for a weekend intensive.

  • Date #1: Creating Brilliant Habits in the Name of Love (Love Languages & Habits)
  • Date #2: Let’s Talk it Out (Communication & Conflict Resolution)
  • Date #3: Getting to the Other Side of Forgiveness (Forgiveness & Moving On)
  • Date #4: Do What You Say You Will Do (Building Trust & Boundaries)
  • Date #5: Exploring Intimacy (Tapping into Emotional, Spiritual, & Physical Intimacy)
  • Date #6: Time for Some Fun! (Fun & Games)
  • Date #7: You are on a Marriage Mission (Creating a Marriage Mission)

The course includes the e-book as well as other printables and is in an easy to follow format. Each date night includes helpful videos and printables, as well as conversation starters to help guide your conversations so that you get the most out of your date night experience.

This is a BETA course because it’s being built. While it is semi-complete, it is being sold at a reduced rate during this time because I want to get feedback from my couples that go through the course. I want to give you what you need! Enroll today and help me make the ideal course that you are looking for! Give me your thoughts about improvements that are necessary and questions that you have that were not answered in the content. Of course, you will have access to all of the improvements as they are made based on feedback.

Your Marriage Retreat: 7 Date Nights to a Thriving Marriage is also in print on Amazon Prime for $24.95.

Coversation Starters for Couples

  Marriage is hard. It just is. Sometimes life gets so busy and we lose track of the last time we actually sat down and had a focused conversation. As a wife and the one that the little ones call Mommy, I am guilty of putting my marriage on the backburner...

Create Brilliant Healthy Habits in Marriage

Why should you focus on healthy habits? I know what you might be thinking, creating brilliant habits doesn’t sound quite so exciting. You might be right, but it’s an important part of your relationship to create good, healthy habits in marriage. We tend to...

Transform Your Marriage with an Intimacy Challenge

Sometimes, you just need an intimacy challenge. As a former marriage therapist, I have seen so many clients over the years that show up in my office due to a lack of intimacy in their marriage. They usually wouldn't write that on their intake paperwork,...

This Time-Out Strategy for Couples Really Works!

When my emotions escalate during conflict between my husband and I (GASP!)… Yes, I admit it. There is an occasional disagreement in my household. There is only one thing I need to do in that moment. I need a time-out! Yes. I do. I mean the kind I put my 8...

3 Easy Steps to a Better Blended Family

Blended families are tough. I have had the pleasure of working with various couples over the last several years, and many of them were starting over in a blended family. Their kids were a combination of theirs, mine, and ours. As I listened intently to the...

25 Marriage Tips from 25 Years of Marriage

25 Years of Marriage Tips Last year, my husband and I celebrated 25 years of marriage together. We went all out for it too. By that I mean we went to Olive Garden for dinner. No, I'm kidding. I couldn't resist. Back to my point. We got married at 19 and 22...

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